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Brittania Bradley Debbie Mays
Gynna Spain Patricia Stark
Sherry Rich Tammie Holt
Teresa Arnett Jodie Sesler
Audrey Brock Savanna Brock
Maggie Reese Amy Hughes
Misty Hughes Rebecca Inman
Mary Joy Tedder George and Jackson
Karen Lochemes Jake Presley
Hugh Van Presley Kathy Presley
Jennie Workman Mary Lauren Garner
Coy Anderson Betty Anderson
Jane Flippo


I want to thank the Civilian group of the 48th on a great job supporting our troops. The past year was so enjoyable and fun. Everyone worked very hard. The young soldiers worked hard and they made the old folks proud to be associated with a fine group of young people. I have heard so many good things about our group over the season. I so look forward to seeing each of you at the upcoming events in 2015. We need anyone that can, help us with camp duties at the School of the Soldier on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015. The men will be attending classes and drilling. Remember Saturday meal will be provided. A good time to recruit new people. Love all of you, Your Southern Sister, Brittania