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Forty-eighth Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Nixon's)

News from th' Front

April, May, June 2001

Commander's Corner 2001:
I want to thank all of you for your devotion to the unit. Thank you for your support and the manner in which you conduct yourself, both on and off of the field of honor! You all are truly Southern Patriots! Your performance at Raymond was exceptional in every
aspect of the event---from the camp, to the battlefield, and in your social graces and entertainment. Each one of you is looked upon with respect and awe by others in our hobby and that makes me so proud of each and everyone of you.
We were faced with some difficult decisions and I feel that we have weather
the storm and our sails are headed in the right direction. Time will tell! Time will heal! We will survive! Again, thanks for your prayers and support.
Keep the faith and we will maintain our true position of the leader in our battalion and in our brigade and in the hobby. I love all of you and appreciate all of your kind words and support.

In Southern Harmony
Captain Coy Anderson

Commander's Corner 2015:

It has been thirteen years since Coy put his thoughts and feelings into words. We lost contact with a lot of members and this website, but hopefully that has been corrected and we can keep the information highway open.
Company F of the 48th Tn. Conf. Inf. Reg. "Nixon's", has remained strong and has overcome the trials and traumas of the membership split that Coy spoke of. Because of his leadership and fore sight we have become one of the best authentic re-enacting groups around today. Averaging twenty rifles at schedule events and we attended 20 different events in 2014, from New Market, VA to Selma, AL to Pilot's Knob, MO. We also have a strong re-enacting family with the Tn. Valley Battalion.
Lt. Barry Ayers succeeded Coy as Captain. He and Mrs. Ellen were the guardians that a company of young soldiers needed. As a 1st. Sgt. under these two commanders I was schooled on what it took to do their job. I had to learn much and mellow even more.
Barry resigned in 2013 and the men promoted me to Captain that December. We also have a good Lt. in Jerry Hughes Sr. and a young, strong NCO corp. led by 1st Sgt. Derrick Holt. Together we will lead the 48th, as in the past, onward and upward to remain a notable organization in re-enacting.
To remain on top we need a strong foundation. We have begun a tradition of holding a school of the soldier each February and invite everyone to attend. Recruiting is the life of our hobby.

Your Comrade and Servant,
Captain David Bradley
Words from 0ur Chaplain 2001

I hope everyone had a great Easter with their family. As we think of Easter, let us think about the sacrifice Christ made for us. Romans Chp. 10 v. 9 tells us "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved". I look forward to seeing each of you.

Hank Brewer
Quartermaster 2001
Everyone needs to clean their weapons, clean out haversacks from Raymond I can smell them from here. Make repairs to weapons and clothing. It might be a while before he supply train reaches us.
We will camp in town at Ethridge. Dance will Be Saturday night at 7:00 A.M. Judy and I look forward to everyone being in Ethridge.
Quartermaster, Sgt.
Donald (Hop) Pilkinton